Samstag, Februar 15, 2014

Oh, oh...

About 2 years since my last entry.

At present I'm having a great time with my students.
They have fun, hit well and win tournaments. :-)))

What I can say after all the years now:

We have a major-suitable fine adjustment of the golfswing.
The only thing missing is a top player ready to listen. :-))
(I'm talking to you, Sergio.)

All the big issues have been solved:
  • Simplification
  • Swing Thoughts
  • Speed
  • Impact above the fifth grove
  • Lag, 2 simples drills, 1000$ :-)
  • Reliability
  • Decision Making
  • Direction Control
  • Distance Control
  • Short Game
  • Club Configuration
  • Attitude
So come over for a visit or join one of our vacation trips.